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My Stannah Stair Lift seems fine but will not work.

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

Going through my operating instructions for a Stannah Stair Lift; the stair lift seems fine but currently does not work.  My first thought is that the battery in the stair lift may have died. Is there a battery for it, if so how do I charge it so the home stair lift can be used again.


The home Stannah Stair Lift does not have a battery in it as according to the a Stannah employee engineer as it works on mains power. There could be a power cut or a fuse blown some where in the unit.  You could try checking the mains fuse inside the primary power control box.  This box would be placed on the wall or somewhere else adjacent to the chair install wall control panel.

If the power isn’t the cause try checking the drive belt that runs the home stair lift the full length of the stairs and back.  If the belt is jammed the home stair lift will have to be dismantled to free it up or replace it.  This if this is the case it should be replaced by a Stannah employee or repair tech.

Comments for a Stannah stair lift

Monday, June 8th, 2009

If you were wondering if a Stannah stair lift is for you listen to these reviews of them.

Stannah stair lifts are the best on the market for curved staircases and he works with all makes and models.

My Stannah stair lift is an absolute gem, I’ve had it installed the last 10yrs and only had a couple minor problem when the joy stick broke. I must also comment how good the engineers are too, mine has a general service annually.  It made a major difference to my Independence and it’s great for sending up the laundry basket.