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Where can I buy a used Bruno stair lift?

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

There are many places you can find a used Bruno stair lift.  Amazon, Craig’s list, eBay.  You could contact the manufacture to see if they have any refurbished stair lifts that you can buy and install in your home.

With all of the Bruno stair lifts that have been sold over the years, there are bound to be a used one out there that someone is willing to sell you.

Where can I buy a stair lift that I can install myself?

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

There are a various places that you can look for a home stair lift that you can install your self.  Argos has a stair lift that you are able to install yourself because installation is included.  Otherwise you can check for used home stair lifts on various sites around the web such as eBay and Craig’s List. 

Contacting the manufactures or companies that sell home stair lifts may also provide ways to find a stair lift that you can install yourself.

Home Stair Lift not working

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Are you having problems with your stair lift or your home stair lift?  Is it not working?

What is wrong with your home stair lift?  What kind of problems are you having?  have you contacted the manufacture of your stair lift?

Leave a question in the comments and your home stair lift or stair lift questions will get answered.

My Stannah Stair Lift seems fine but will not work.

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

Going through my operating instructions for a Stannah Stair Lift; the stair lift seems fine but currently does not work.  My first thought is that the battery in the stair lift may have died. Is there a battery for it, if so how do I charge it so the home stair lift can be used again.


The home Stannah Stair Lift does not have a battery in it as according to the a Stannah employee engineer as it works on mains power. There could be a power cut or a fuse blown some where in the unit.  You could try checking the mains fuse inside the primary power control box.  This box would be placed on the wall or somewhere else adjacent to the chair install wall control panel.

If the power isn’t the cause try checking the drive belt that runs the home stair lift the full length of the stairs and back.  If the belt is jammed the home stair lift will have to be dismantled to free it up or replace it.  This if this is the case it should be replaced by a Stannah employee or repair tech.

Commercial Straight Stair lift

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

There are laws that in place that regulate that public places must be wheel chair accessible and those with disabilities.  Plans for how these people will get around must be in the blue prints for the construction of new buildings.  If not, these plans wouldn’t get the approval needed to okay construction.

The two simplest ways that plans can handle this condition is to either build the building as a single floor where there is no need for stairs, or to build ramps and elevators to allow changing between floors.

If either of these don’t apply or an older building is being updated to allow for more mobile access by people with wheel chairs or other conditions, the construction company can add in a commercial straight stair lift or some other commercial stair lift.

A commercial straight stair lift is a sliding chair that is added to a straight stair case with a chair or platform that the individual will sit on or stand on, and be moved between floors.  These type of stair lifts can be added any type or size of stair case.

Typically these type of stair lifts don’t have swivel chairs for people to sit on, because those type of stair lifts only can be used by people without wheel chairs.  Because of the common use of wheel chairs and other devices to move people around, most commercial stair lifts involve a platform to move people up and down the stairs.

Home Stair Lift

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

A home stair lift is a device that is used for moving people (typically those that are handicapped or the elderly) up or down stairs in either their home via a home stair lift or other locations.  If the stairs where the stair lift is to be placed are wide enough, a rail is put down over the the top of the stairs with a lift chair built on top of the rail that lift the individual up or down the stairs.

Stair Lifts can be known by one of many names, stair lifts, stair-lifts, chair lifts, stair gliders, platform lifts, home stair lifts, etc.

The introduction of the stair lift occurred nearly 80 years ago in the United States where the stair lift was designed to help move people suffering of polio up and down stairs as they were unable to walk up and down the stairs on their own accord.  Today the primary use of stair lifts are for the elderly and the handicapped.

Each stair lift has a variety of features available to them that can be added on to each installation.  Some of these modernized stair lift features can include upgrades to the stair lift such as adjustable seat height, battery isolation, a folding stair lift step, a speed lift governor, a stair lift seat belt and a soft start/stop.  The soft start and soft end for chair lifts is one of the best new features of chair lifts as it starts the lift of the chair lift slowly and ends slowing, making the starting and stopping of the chair lift ride smoother for the rider.

The speed of a home stair lift is typically quite slow between 13 feet per minute up to one of the fast stair lifts of 30 feet per minute.

Types of Stair Lifts

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

There are many types of home stair lifts available depending on the situation needed for the stair lift.  The types of stair lifts for the home and around the yard are, straight rail stair lifts, curved rail stair lifts, wheel chair platform chair lifts, outdoor stair lifts, pre-owned stair lifts and stair lifts for goods.

Straight stair lifts

The straight stair lift is the most common of all stair lifts as it is build using straight rails over the top of the stair case.  Most straight stair lifts use aluminum rails placed over the stairs with a chair built on top of the rails to move the person up and down the rails.  These are most commonly found in someones home rather then in an commercial or retail building.

Curved rail stair lifts

The curved rail stair lift is similar to the straight rail in that it is goes up and down stairs, except this one is more complex as it has to follow the curves of the stairwell.  These are often more expensive to build and maintain as there are more moving parts and care has to be taken in that the stair lift properly goes up and down the stairs.

Wheelchair platform stair lifts

The wheel chair stair lift can be used both inside and outside a private home as well as in commercial or retail buildings.  These types of lifts are durable enough to be used outside to help get the person and the wheel chair inside the building or up the stair as a stair lift.  These types of lifts often are a platform that the wheel chair can be rolled on to with flaps on the edges to allow the chair to be pushed on to the lift and then hold it in place as the lift goes up or down the stairs.   Many wheel chair stair lifts are custom made to order stair lifts.

Outdoor stair lifts

As with what was mentioned with the wheel chair stair lifts, outdoor chair lifts provide a lift outside the home or business.  The primary difference between these and other lifts is that the outdoor stair lifts have improved weather proofing to protect them from the elements.

Pre-owned stair lifts

Many types of chair lifts can be bought second hand through preowned stair lift merchants who sell used stair lifts.  Many stair lifts of recent years can easily be disassembled and reassembled elsewhere with ease.

Goods stair lifts

The good stair lifts used to move good and other heavy items are almost used exclusively in commercial operations to move heavy items from floor to floor.  Items moved by these type of good stair lifts can include heavy boxes and machinery.