Types of Stair Lifts

There are many types of home stair lifts available depending on the situation needed for the stair lift.  The types of stair lifts for the home and around the yard are, straight rail stair lifts, curved rail stair lifts, wheel chair platform chair lifts, outdoor stair lifts, pre-owned stair lifts and stair lifts for goods.

Straight stair lifts

The straight stair lift is the most common of all stair lifts as it is build using straight rails over the top of the stair case.  Most straight stair lifts use aluminum rails placed over the stairs with a chair built on top of the rails to move the person up and down the rails.  These are most commonly found in someones home rather then in an commercial or retail building.

Curved rail stair lifts

The curved rail stair lift is similar to the straight rail in that it is goes up and down stairs, except this one is more complex as it has to follow the curves of the stairwell.  These are often more expensive to build and maintain as there are more moving parts and care has to be taken in that the stair lift properly goes up and down the stairs.

Wheelchair platform stair lifts

The wheel chair stair lift can be used both inside and outside a private home as well as in commercial or retail buildings.  These types of lifts are durable enough to be used outside to help get the person and the wheel chair inside the building or up the stair as a stair lift.  These types of lifts often are a platform that the wheel chair can be rolled on to with flaps on the edges to allow the chair to be pushed on to the lift and then hold it in place as the lift goes up or down the stairs.   Many wheel chair stair lifts are custom made to order stair lifts.

Outdoor stair lifts

As with what was mentioned with the wheel chair stair lifts, outdoor chair lifts provide a lift outside the home or business.  The primary difference between these and other lifts is that the outdoor stair lifts have improved weather proofing to protect them from the elements.

Pre-owned stair lifts

Many types of chair lifts can be bought second hand through preowned stair lift merchants who sell used stair lifts.  Many stair lifts of recent years can easily be disassembled and reassembled elsewhere with ease.

Goods stair lifts

The good stair lifts used to move good and other heavy items are almost used exclusively in commercial operations to move heavy items from floor to floor.  Items moved by these type of good stair lifts can include heavy boxes and machinery.

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